Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide Wins 3 First Place  & 1 Second Place Awards at CIPA EVVY Book Awards


(Fairplay, Colorado) August 29, 2016 – Linda and Bernie Nagy’s Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide was a big winner at the 2016 CIPA EVVY Book awards banquet on August 20. The 2nd edition of the Wildflower Guide won 1st place in Academic/Reference, Science and Ebook Design and a 2nd Place in Illustrations.

 The CIPA EVVY awards is one of the longest-running book awards competition on the Indie publishing scene. It is sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), along with the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation (ELF).

This is the second time that the Rocky Mountain Wildflower Guide was a big CIPA EVVY winner. The 1st edition scored 2 1st place awards and a Merit Award in the 2014 CIPA EVVYs. The expanded 2nd edition boasts over 270 varieties of wildflowers.

Author and illustrator Linda and Bernie Nagy are retired from a direct marketing business and are now professional photographers and artists in South Park Colorado. The couple has already published four books including two award-winning photography coffee table books showing the beauty of South Park, a Park County History book, and the first edition of their Rocky Mountain Wildflower Guide, all of which won several top book publishing awards.  

 We believe the Rocky Mountain Wildflower Guide is the best possible guide on the market with color coded pages, rounded corners, updated detailed information including new family names, and as before, high quality color photos.” said Bernie Nagy who did the photography as well as the cover and page design for the second edition. Besides book publishing, Bernie is a media correspondent, travel writer and lifelong press and nature photographer.

“It took me several years of studying wildflowers and many Colorado Native Plant Master Courses to finally achieve my Colorado Flora certificate in December, 2015,” said Linda Nagy. “Since the first book was published, Bernie and I discovered and photographed so many more wonderful wildflowers that we had to add to the new edition.” Linda Nagy, an artist and graphic designer, is a member of the Woman of Watercolor in Summit County, Colorado.  She also writes articles for local newspapers, publications, and the popular Colorado Life Magazine.


The expanded second edition of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers is available through, numerous book and gift retailers and Park Service stores in Colorado and Wyoming, and also on  An eBook version is also available on Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks & Kobo.


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Bernie Nagy’s Biography
Bernie Nagy is passionate about photography and has been from an early age. Many of his early color photos and stories were published during his school years. Bernie, who grew up in the Austrian Alpine Region, studied graphic arts, printing and photography.

His profession allowed him to travel and work in many European countries and the Middle East. He immigrated to the United States in 1967 and after a few years became a naturalized citizen.

He has photographed images throughout Europe, South America, New Zealand, Australia and North America and has had photo essays and travel logs published by magazines and newspapers both here and abroad. Bernie completed his studies with the New York School of Photography and was a member of the Atlanta Press Photographers Association where he won awards for his news photography. From 1970 to 2003, Bernie and his wife Linda operated a retail and direct marketing catalog business in the mountain region of north Georgia.

When he retired from his business, he and his wife decided to relocate in South Park, Colorado, an area that they had visited many times before and had grown to love. Bernie enjoys mountain and wildflower hikes with his wife and dog Heidi, four-wheeling in the summer and teaching skiing in neighboring Summit County during the winter months. He is a press photographer, a direct media correspondent, a trustee for the South Park Heritage Foundation and has a graphic arts studio with his wife, Linda, in South Park.

Linda Nagy’s Biography
Linda Nagy has been fascinated with drawing and painting since childhood when she studied watercolor with a local artist in Atlanta, GA. She attended the University of Georgia and received BFA and MFA degrees in graphic design.

Her career began at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, MO where she designed greeting cards in watercolor media. After returning to Georgia, she worked for several years as a layout artist before establishing a retail and direct marketing business with her husband, Bernie. In the 1990s she re-established her love for painting and began attending workshops throughout the US and taking courses in Watercolor portraiture. She studied with Jan Kunz, Naomi Brotherton, Judy Wagner and Tony Van Hasselt, among others.

The rich tapestry of events in Linda’s life influences her work. She travels to Europe, throughout the US, and New Zealand with her husband and was a tour host in Europe for 11 years. She is member of Woman of Watercolor in Summit County, Colorado and enjoys sharing ideas and teaching newcomers the art of painting, drawing and sketching. In her spare time, Linda devotes time to painting in different media as well as sketching and drawing. Her style is eclectic and it constantly evolving and reflecting new techniques and influences. Color is a strong point that permeates all of her work.

Last Press Release

March 28, 2016 - 2016 Edition of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide
Features Over 270 Varieties of Wildflowers


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Mike Daniels, past CIPA president with Bernie and Linda Nagy

Linda and Bernie Nagy with CIPA awards

Bernie and Linda Nagy hiking to find wildflowers

Bernie Nagy photographing Queen's Crown wildflowers

Linda Nagy photographing Blacktip Senecio and Red Paintbrush

Rocky Mountain Iris