3rd Edition of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide Released for the 2019 Wildflower Season


(Fairplay, Colorado) January 20, 2019 – Hikers, campers, and amateur botanists can relax. They will no longer wonder “What is that flower called?” Linda and Bernie Nagy’s Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide has been revised and updated to include over 285 wildflowers native to Colorado and Wyoming. The handy, 272-page softcover guide is now in its 3rd edition.  

 Information includes common, scientific and family names, a brief description, and each wildflower's habitat, life zone, and general flowering time. Wildflowers were photographed in the Southern Rockies of Colorado and in several areas in the Central Rockies of Wyoming. Clear, detailed photos depict some of the most common as well as some uncommon wildflowers that one might find along trails, open meadows and roadsides.

The 285-plus wildflowers in the guide are grouped with color-coded page edges indicating sections of white, yellow, red and blue/purple flowers to help in quickly locating an unknown wildflower. Included also are descriptions of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Life Zones, illustrations of leaf shapes and inflorescences, and an index of wildflowers by color. This compact, up-to-date guide is the perfect size for taking along on camping and hiking trips in the Rocky Mountains. The guide's rounded corners make it easy to tuck in a pocket or pack.

Research, identification, text and illustrations are by Native Plant Master Linda Nagy, with photographs and book design by her husband, multiple award-winning author and photographer Bernie Nagy. A previous edition of the Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide won multiple awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) EVVY book in 2016, including First Place in Reference, first place in Science and First Place for Ebook Publication.

The revised and expanded third edition of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers is available now through and In the spring, it will also be available through numerous book and gift retailers and Park Service stores in Colorado and Wyoming. An eBook version is also available on Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks & Kobo.


Customer reviews:

 “Finally a useful wildflower pocket guide with clear pictires and simple to read descriptions we can carry along on our hikes.” ---Mike and Connie K., CO

 “Excellent book. An excellent resource.” ---Amazon Reviewer, Walk’n and Talk’n Classes

 “What I received was an encyclopedic work which a inspired in me a fascination of Nature’s diverse wonder.” ---L. Goodwin

 “The overall organization, typography and design are excellent, and the color coding makes it easy to locate any particular flower.” ---D. Marks

 Title: Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide: Expanded Edition with over 285 wildflowers!

Author: Linda S. Nagy with photographs by Bernie Nagy

ISBN: 978-0-9840636-7-3

Softcover, 4” x 6”

Pages: 272 Published & distributed by High Country Artworks, LLC 


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Bernie Nagy’s Biography
Bernie Nagy is a professional photographer and author and illustrator of South Park, Colorado: Nature's Paradise, Colorado's South Park: High Country Paradise, and Park County Colorado: a Photographic History. Born in Vienna, Austria, he immigrated to the United States and became a citizen in 1973. He and his wife owned and operated a mail order/retail business for 33 years. In 2003, Bernie and his wife, Linda, retired and moved to South Park, Colorado. He fell in love with the area and began photographing and researching its history. In 2010 his first photo book received seven awards including Best International Travel Book and Best illustrated Regional Travel Essay book.  His second book on South Park also received numerous awards. Besides book publishing, Bernie was a Colorado ski instructor for six years and a board member of South Park City Museum for thirteen years. Currently, he is a member of two photo clubs and frequently submits photos and articles through social media and local newspapers. Bernie and Linda travel extensively throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe as they continue to pursue their interests in art, photography, and writing

Linda Nagy’s Biography

Linda S. Nagy, author, illustrator, and watercolor artist, was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Georgia. She first worked as an illustrator for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. Linda and her husband, Bernie, owned and operated a retail/mail order business for 33 years before retiring and moving to Colorado in 2003. Since 2010 they have collaborated on several award-winning regional Colorado coffee table photo books. In 2014, Linda wrote and published Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide with her husband Bernie Nagy who provided the professional photographs for the book. This handy pocket guide won top awards with CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) in 2015 and in 2016 for its second edition printing. The EBook version also won awards. The newly revised and updated third edition of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide published by High Country Artworks is available in January, 2019. It features 285 wildflowers with information including common, scientific, and updated family names, a brief description, and each wildflower’s habitat, life zone, and general flowering time. All of this is packaged into a handy pocket-sized 272-page softbound book that fits easily into a pocket or backpack. This guide is for all nature enthusiasts who want to learn more about wildflowers throughout the Southern Rockies of Colorado and the Central Rockies of Wyoming. Linda is passionate about flowers and her Colorado home inspired her to study and identify native plants growing in the nearby mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains. She is a member of the Colorado Native Plant Society and has earned a Colorado Flora Certificate and Native Plant Master Certification. Linda and Bernie currently live in Arizona and part-time in Colorado and Georgia. They travel extensively throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe as they continue to pursue their interests in art, photography, and writing.


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Mike Daniels, past CIPA president with Bernie and Linda Nagy


Bernie and Linda Nagy hiking to find wildflowers

Bernie Nagy photographing Queen's Crown wildflowers

Linda Nagy photographing Blacktip Senecio and Red Paintbrush


Rocky Mountain Iris