Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

Spring and Early Summer Flowers, Fairy Slippers, Goldenbanner and White Loco, Put on a Show in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

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      One early-blooming beauty is hard to find and endangered by collectors in the Colorado Rockies. If one has a keen eye and a little luck, he or she just might spot a Fairy Slipper or Calypso Orchid growing in shaded forests among leaf litter on the forest floor. This tiny exotic plant, Calypso bulbosa, is a member of the Orchid Family and has 3 slender pink petal-like sepals, 2 small petals, and one bulb-like petal that forms the slipper shape. A single leaf appears before the blossom appears and remains until the flower goes to seed. Plants grow from...

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“Meet the Authors” Event in Salida, Colorado

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                   Linda and I attended the first “Meet the Authors” event in Salida, Colorado on March 29, 2014. It was Linda’s first book signing for her Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide. Fourteen local authors including us met at the Salida Community Center and we spoke about our latest books in front of a supportive audience. Linda and I were pleased with our book signings and sales afterwards. Authors attending were from Salida, Cotopaxi, Fairplay, Westcliffe and Como, Colorado. The range of genre represented by the authors was from history, historical fact and fiction, fantasy, nature, young adult, Native American, self-help...

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South Park couple compiles ‘Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide’

Bernie Nagy Photographer Best Local Author Best Local Photographer Linda Nagy Author nature photography Pocket Field Guide Rocky Mountain Wildflowers South Park books wildflower identification

Here are some excerpts from a review for Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide that appeared in "The Mountain Mail"---Salida, CO--- Friday, March 14, 2014. Review by Dr Arlene Shovald <>  It won’t be long before Rocky Mountain wildflowers are back, and for those who enjoy the outdoors, A South Park couple has compiled a Field Guide to identify many of the blossoms you might encounter. Linda S. Nagy is the author of the recently published "Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide," with photographs by her husband, Bernie Nagy.            Linda edited Bernie’s previous award-winning coffee table  books, “Colorado’s South Park – High Country Paradise,” “South Park,...

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South Park’s Wild Burros Roam Free

award-winning books Bernie Nagy burro history burro photography Linda Nagy nature photography South Park books South Park Burros Wild Burros

                                    Curious free-roaming burros near Eleven Mile Reservoir In March of 2014 Bernie and I got up close and personal with a healthy looking wild burro herd near Eleven  Mile Reservoir. The burros enjoyed bits and pieces of an apple that we cut up and offered to them. Look at the one picture where the burro in the center is eying the delicious apple in my hand. More pictures and images of these beautiful animals can be found in our award-winning coffee table books Colorado’s South Park: High Country Paradise on pages 92 and 93 and South Park Colorado: Nature’s...

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Rocky Mountain Wildflowers: Take Some of the Mystery Out of Identifying Wildflowers

Colorado Wildflowers Identifying Wildflowers Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide

   My husband, Bernie Nagy, and I co-published our second award-winning coffee table book, South Park, Colorado: Nature’s Paradise in 2012 that included photographs and common names of over 100 wildflowers. Soon afterwards, we began receiving many inquiries for a smaller book of wildflowers to take on trails. I began working on Rocky Mountains Wildflowers Field Guide to fulfill those requests. Bernie had taken a several thousand photographs of Colorado Wildflowers over the past few years, so I began writing a compact guide with the idea to have detailed clear photographs, names, and a brief description of each wildflower. A...

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