Rocky Mountain Wildflowers — award-winning books

Crested Butte Wildflower Festival Spotlights the Town's Colorful and Abundant Wildflowers.

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One of the best places to see and to learn about wildflowers is at Crested Butte, known as the wildflower capital of Colorado. A great time to visit is during the Wildflower Festival that takes place this year from July 7-16 with additional events continuing through August. Since 1986, the town has hosted a wildflower festival. This year’s festival offers over 200 events from hikes and walks, art workshops, photography classes, jeep tours, botany & conservation/medicals, and more. Even if you don’t attend scheduled events that are well worth the price, you can travel the back roads on your own...

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Rocky Mountain Columbine and Claret Cup Cactus declared by Colorado’s General Assembly to be the State’s Official Symbols.

award-winning books Claret Cup Cactus Colorado State Flower Colorado wildflowers Identifying Wildflowers nature photography Pocket Field Guide Rocky Mountain Columbine Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide Rocky Mountains Wildflower identification Wildflower Photography

Let’s hear it for the school children of Colorado! Twice they have influenced the legislature in naming official state symbols. The Rocky Mountain Columbine began its road to becoming the state flower in1891 as it was voted overwhelming the favorite flower of Colorado’s school children. The white and lavender Columbine, Aquilegia caerulea or coerulea, was adopted as the official state flower on April 4, 1899 by an act of the General Assembly.       Discovered in 1820 on Pike's Peak by mountain climber Edwin James, the columbine was also named and described by him. The two spelling confusions are due...

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Colorado Artist Linda Nagy Receives National Awards for the Motivational Book She Illustrated.

2014 Moonbeam Award 2014 USA Best Book Award award-winning books Linda Nagy Artist Motivational books

If I Tell You, You Can Fly  is a motivational hardbound book for young people written by Sharon Thayer of Carousel Publishing and illustrated by Linda Nagy of High Country Artworks,. Last year in August, the book won 3 awards from CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) including First Place for Illustrations. In November of last year, the book received two national awards; a Bronze Moonbeam Award in Mind-Body-Spirit/ Self-Esteem, and a First Place USA Best Book Award in Young Adult: Non-Fiction.                           Linda Nagy of High Country Artworks commented on the awards, “I am thrilled with...

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Colorado Artist and Author Linda Nagy Receives Top Book Awards at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards Banquet and Ceremony.

award-winning books Bernie Nagy Photographer CIPA EVVY Awards Linda Nagy Artist Linda Nagy Author Rocky Mountain Wildflower Field Guide

On Saturday evening August 23, 2014 the Colorado Independent Publishers Association held its 20th Annual CIPA EVVY awards banquet and ceremony. From 278 books submitted, awards were presented in several categories based on strict rules and judging criteria. President Patricia Ross and past president Mike Daniels hosted the event. Linda waited anxiously as Merit, Third, and Second Place prizes were given for book illustrations. Then Master of Ceremonies Mike Daniels announced, First place for illustrations Linda Nagy, If You Tell Me, I Can Fly by Sharon Thayer published by Carousel Publishing. Linda gave a brief statement in which she thanked...

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Park County Colorado’s Reservoirs offer Wildflower Viewing and Great Recreational Opportunities.

award-winning books Bernie Nagy Bernie Nagy Photographer Best Local Photographer Colorado Wildflowers Linda Nagy Author Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide South Park books wildflower identification

Recently Bernie and I camped at Eleven Mile State Park and ventured in the surrounding areas to seek out wildflowers. In spite of heavy, late snows in Park County, the areas around all three reservoirs were very arid due to lack of recent rain. We enjoyed the scenic vistas and the hiking the trails, but wildflowers to photograph were few and far between; not at all like previous years. Anglers and writers including us constantly site Eleven Mile State Park and Eleven Mile Reservoir for the outstanding fishing and hiking trails waiting to be explored. Our Colorado’s South Park: High...

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