Colorado Artist and Author Linda Nagy Receives Top Book Awards at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards Banquet and Ceremony.

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On Saturday evening August 23, 2014 the Colorado Independent Publishers Association held its 20th Annual CIPA EVVY awards banquet and ceremony. From 278 books submitted, awards were presented in several categories based on strict rules and judging criteria. President Patricia Ross and past president Mike Daniels hosted the event.

Linda waited anxiously as Merit, Third, and Second Place prizes were given for book illustrations. Then Master of Ceremonies Mike Daniels announced, First place for illustrations Linda Nagy, If You Tell Me, I Can Fly by Sharon Thayer published by Carousel Publishing. Linda gave a brief statement in which she thanked Sharon for the opportunity to illustrate her book. “It was quite a challenge because I had to create watercolor illustrations on everything from ladybug larvae, caterpillars to eagles, all in natural settings,” Linda remarked.



When awards were announced for Academic Reference, Linda again scored with a First Place win for the book she wrote, the recently published reference, Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide. As she accepted the award, she gave credit to her husband Bernie Nagy for his professional photographs and design which made the book complete and for the excellent printing of Four Colour Publishing.


Before the evening was over, Linda received two more awards for Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide. The book garnered a First Place award in the “Nature category” and a Merit Award for Interior Layout and Design, which Linda credited mostly to her husband Bernie’s help. Linda was overwhelmed by receiving four prestigious awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association that includes authors, editors, illustrators, publishers, printers, and other providers to the book industry. Linda and Bernie Nagy previously received several First Place awards for their coffee table books Colorado’s South Park: High Country Paradise in 2010 and for South Park Colorado: Nature’s Paradise in 2012. They have been members of the association since 2008 and credit much of their success to the help and mentoring from fellow members.

The award winning “Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide” is available through for $11.95 with free shipping.

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