Unique Colorado Scenic Cutting Boards feature Photographs and Artwork from Award-Winning Authors Bernie and Linda Nagy

Bernie Nagy Photographer Colorado Wildflowers counter savers cutting boards kitchen cutting boards Linda Nagy Artist nature photography tempered glass boards


Here is an idea for a holiday gift that will be well appreciated and used for years to come. Heavy, fine quality tempered glass kitchen cutting boards depict colorful Colorado wildflower and scenic photo and watercolor images by award-winning photographer Bernie Nagy and watercolor artist Linda Nagy. These cutting boards make a beautiful addition to any kitchen or food preparation space.  They can also be used as place mats, or serving trays. Boards have a large 11.5" x 15.5" surface area for use in so many kitchen projects. They are constructed of tough, tempered glass that is heat resistant, hygienic, and virtually indestructible. Food preparation is a breeze. Cut, slice, trim, and chop on the board and then clean up easily with warm, soapy water. Take hot dishes fresh from the oven and rest them on a colorful board or bring your dish directly to your table and use the board like a trivet. Each cutting board features rounded corners and protective bumpers on the reverse side so that it will not mar countertops. A large selection of designs is available on line at www.HighCountryArtworks.com. Order now! Only $36.00 each with free shipping. These boards are proudly made in the USA.


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