Wild Irises in Colorado’s High Country

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The wild Iris, Iris missouriensis, or Blue Flag blooms in late spring to summer in Colorado and is often seen in moist open areas, meadows, and along streamsides. These photos were taken in the South Park area of Colorado at an altitude of approximately 10,000 feet. Irises can cover whole fields and areas transforming them into a sea of blue.


This member of the Iris Family is a native perennial and grows up to 2 feet tall. For more information about the wild Iris and for help identifying other Colorado wildflowers, check out Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide by Linda Nagy. Order now at www.highcountryartworks.com and receive a book signed by the author with free shipping. The book is also available on Amazon as a print or ebook version.


Linda and her husband, Bernie, have been photographing and studying wildflowers in Colorado since they retired there in 2003. Linda is a Colorado Native Plant Master and her husband is a professional photographer. Together, they publish photo and nature books on Colorado.

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