See Colorado's Abundant Wildflowers at the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival.

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One of the best places to see and to learn about wildflowers is in Crested Butte, known as the "wildflower capital of Colorado." Since 1986, the town has hosted a wildflower festival. The festival this July 10 to 19, 2020 offers hundreds of events from hikes and walks, art workshops, photography classes, jeep tours, botany & conservation/medicals, and more. Even if you don’t attend scheduled events, you can travel the back roads on your own to enjoy fantastic wildflower displays.

One route to see many wildflowers is to travel County Road 317 from Crested Butte to Gothic. The road to Keebler Pass and along Washington Road are also great areas. Some Crested Butte stand-out wildflowers are Lupines, Mule’s Ears, Aspen Sunflowers, Green Gentian, Corn Lilies, Paintbrushes,  Mariposa Lily and Columbine. Another wildflower unique to the area is Cases Corydalis.


Silvery Lupine               Mule's Ears & Columbine   Green Gentian      


  Case's Corydalis & Corn Lily                     Mariposa Lily

Bernie Nagy and I have attended the Wildflower Festival for many years, and our new third edition 4” x 6” book, Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide, is available at several places in Crested Butte, including the Wildflower Festival Headquarters. The 285-plus wildflowers in the guide are grouped with color-coded page edges to help in quickly locating an unknown wildflower. Besides descriptions of the flowers, the guide also features the Colorado Rocky Mountain Life Zones, illustrations of leaf shapes and inflorescences, and an index of wildflowers by color. This compact, up-to-date guide is the perfect size for taking along on hiking trips in the Rocky Mountains. The guide's rounded corners make it easy to tuck in a pocket or pack.


Where ever you are in Colorado, get out and enjoy the wildflowers and learn more about them. For help in identifying what you see, order our book at Use code WFBook to receive a special price and your autographed copy shipped to you free. Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide is also available in print and ebook versions on Amazon.

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  • pam kleinman on

    I love the book’s simplicity and practicality. I used it on my visit to Colorado. Thank you for the info on wild flowers and the extra knowledge around leaves, areas of growth and all the names of each flower. I am truly a wildflower enthusiast.

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