Yellow Wildflowers Splash Color on Roadsides, Meadows, and Hillsides in Colorado's Rocky Mountains

Spring is arriving in Colorado and one is likely to see many colorful yellow flowers along the trails, in meadows, along streams or in wooded areas. Most of the flowers mentioned in this article grow from the Foothills to Montane or some as high as the Alpine regions above 11,500 feet and they usually form patches of color.

Golden Banner is a member of the Pea Family and produces showy yellow flowers that form loose clusters atop stems. It is common in mountain meadows and along roadsides. Wallflowers can also grow in showy clusters in forest openings, along ridges and in mountain meadows. Individual blossoms, approximately ½ to ¾ wide have 4 petals that is characteristic of a species in the Mustard Family.


          Golden Banner                 Close-up Golden Banner    Wallflower Close

Probably the most prevalent flower in spring is the common dandelion, Taraxacum officinale. This flower is actually a non-native invasive plant but there are also native dandelions and dandelion look-alikes such as the False Dandelion, Agoseris glauca, that appears in dry meadows and grassy hillsides. Both the common Dandelion and the False or Mountain Dandelion are part of the Sunflower Family and both have the round seed pod that tempts one to blow it and to scatter seed plumes in the wind.

Wallflowers in Colorado Field                False Dandelion

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