Guffey, Colorado is listed as one of six hidden destinations to visit in the United States as per AARP

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Guffey, CO is well worth a trip back to the Old West. It is located in the South Eastern corner of Colorado's South Park Heritage Area in Park County. Guffey, Colorado has become the #2 destination in the USA as listed by AARP.

AARP - Guffey is #2 (literally) as a place to visit in the Nation...
North of the Royal Gorge and west of Pikes Peak, Guffey has 98 human residents who look to their pets for political leadership: Citizens have elected cats and dogs as their mayors for as long as anyone can remember. The town itself is a ramshackle masterwork of roadside Americana, taking cues from the Wild West and the Psychedelic '60s in equal measures. Accommodations come in the form of funky, inexpensive cabins and dining is at a bar and grill, making Guffey the perfect destination for a lost weekend. — Eric Peterson
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  • Mr. Lynn Ash on

    Can I get a good Drink and Steak in Guffey? Why is it approved so well from the AARP, of which I am a member?

  • Williamduen on

    Great, thanks for sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged. Hessian

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