Crested Butte Wildflower Festival Spotlights the Town's Colorful and Abundant Wildflowers.

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One of the best places to see and to learn about wildflowers is at Crested Butte, known as the wildflower capital of Colorado. A great time to visit is during the Wildflower Festival that takes place this year from July 7-16 with additional events continuing through August. Since 1986, the town has hosted a wildflower festival. This year’s festival offers over 200 events from hikes and walks, art workshops, photography classes, jeep tours, botany & conservation/medicals, and more. Even if you don’t attend scheduled events that are well worth the price, you can travel the back roads on your own to enjoy fantastic wildflower displays.

Silvery Lupine, Scarlet Gilia, and Paintbrushes bloom among the Sage


Bernie and Linda Nagy were in Crested Butte last week touring and taking photographs, and also hosted two book signing events. Their Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide is available at several places in town including the Wildflower Festival’s Blossom Boutique store and is a best seller. If you missed the Nagys and would like your own signed book, just order from www.HighCountryArtworks, and they’ll process your order the same day.


    Aspen Sunflowers                       Porter's Lovage                        Showy Milkweed

The handy pocket-sized fits easily into a pocket or back pack and includes wildflowers from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Mosquito Range, and from Crested Butte to the southern San Juan Mountain Ranges, and to parts of Wyoming’s Central Rockies. Wildflowers are grouped according to color so you can quickly find and identify an unfamiliar flower.


Linda Nagy, Crested Butte          Wildflower Guide           2018 Wildflowers Calendar

Shown in this blog are some photographs the Nagys took while in Crested Butte. All of these wildflowers are described along with photos in their wildflower guide book. The Nagys' new Wildflowers of the American West 2018 Calendar is also available now at High Country Artworks and on Amazon.

Where ever you are in the US, get out and enjoy the wildflowers and learn more about them.

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