Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

Rocky Mountain Wildflowers: Take Some of the Mystery Out of Identifying Wildflowers

Colorado Wildflowers Identifying Wildflowers Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide

   My husband, Bernie Nagy, and I co-published our second award-winning coffee table book, South Park, Colorado: Nature’s Paradise in 2012 that included photographs and common names of over 100 wildflowers. Soon afterwards, we began receiving many inquiries for a smaller book of wildflowers to take on trails. I began working on Rocky Mountains Wildflowers Field Guide to fulfill those requests. Bernie had taken a several thousand photographs of Colorado Wildflowers over the past few years, so I began writing a compact guide with the idea to have detailed clear photographs, names, and a brief description of each wildflower. A...

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People's Choice Awards and praise for the Rocky Mountain Wildflower Field Guide!

Best Local Author Best Local Photographer People's Choice Awards Rocky Mountain Wildflower Field Guide

  Hi All! Greetings from the Colorado High Country. After digging out from all the new snow and high drifts, I just returned from the Post Office in Fairplay and was pleasantly surprised to find 2 certificates for the People's Choice Awards. I was voted now for the 5th consecutive year the Best Local Author and the Best Local Photographer. Also in the news is that Linda’s new Rocky Mountain Wildflower Field Guide book is published and is receiving praise from many sources – be sure to check it out! – Bernie

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