South Park’s Wild Burros Roam Free

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                             Curious free-roaming burros near Eleven Mile Reservoir

In March of 2014 Bernie and I got up close and personal with a healthy looking wild burro herd near Eleven  Mile Reservoir. The burros enjoyed bits and pieces of an apple that we cut up and offered to them. Look at the one picture where the burro in the center is eying the delicious apple in my hand. More pictures and images of these beautiful animals can be found in our award-winning coffee table books Colorado’s South Park: High Country Paradise on pages 92 and 93 and South Park Colorado: Nature’s Paradise on page 107. Both of these books are now temporarily reduced from $29.95 to only $19.95 with free shipping. Also, Park County Colorado: A Photographic History includes historical information and photographs of the burros on pages 22 and 23 and other pages throughout the book. Order now for $29.95 with free shipping and save at


 Young burro is wary of the photographer

For more information on burros see also: Colorado Life Magazine, July 2013 issue, “Beloved Burros of South Park” by Linda Nagy.





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