Enjoy Colorado’s Wildflowers at Crested Butte’s Wildflower Festival and Throughout the Rocky Mountain Region during the Peak Blooming Time.

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This year is proving to be a spectacular year for wildflowers. Along roadways, trails, and in fields and in high country meadows, colorful blooms can be seen everywhere in abundance. If you have a chance, you should visit Crested Butte Colorado during the 2015 Crested Butte Wildflower Festival. The week-long event takes place July 13-19 with additional events continuing through August. Even if you don’t attend scheduled events that are well worth the price, you can travel the back roads on your own to enjoy fantastic wildflower displays.


Aspen Sunflowers and Meadow with Larkspur, Aspen Sunflowers and Mule's Ears

Be sure to take the road to Gothic as well.

Silvery Lupine along road to Gothic

Need help identifying wildflowers? "Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide" is for all nature enthusiasts who want to learn more about wildflowers throughout Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Region. Information includes common, scientific and family names, a brief description, and each wildflower’s habitat, life zone, and general flowering time. Line drawings of flower parts and arrangements and leaf shapes and arrangements help clarify terms in the guide. Wildflowers were photographed from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Mosquito Range, and from Crested Butte to the southern San Juan Mountain Ranges. Clear, detailed photographic images depict some of the most common as well as some uncommon wildflowers that one might find along trails and roadsides. The wildflowers in the guide are grouped according to color so you can quickly find and identify an unfamiliar flower. New, for 2015 is an expanded Ebook version of "Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide" available in all electronic formats through Amazon Kindle, Apple IBooks, B&N Nook, and Kobo. The guide is perfect to download on your phone or tablet to have with you when you see all those new flowers you haven’t seen before. If you prefer a book to take along, the print version is a compact 4”x6” softbound book that fits easily into a pocket or back pack. It is available at www.HighCountryArtworks.com.

Where ever you are in Colorado, get out and enjoy the wildflowers and learn more about them.

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  • Kim Marquis on

    Hello! I have your pocket guide and enjoyed using it today at Ptarmigan Lake. I write a small outdoors column for the Buena Vista newspaper (Chaffee County Times), and I am hoping you would give me a telephone interview about how the flowers are looking this year. If you can find the time, please give me a call before Monday. Hope to hear from you!

    970-389-3958 (cell)

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