Linda Nagy, Colorado Author and Artist is now a Certified "Native Plant Master"

After receiving her Colorado Flora Certificate in 2015, Linda Nagy continued volunteering and educating the public about the value of Colorado’s native plants and to help people identify alien invasive plants. In December, 2016 she became a certified Native Plant Master after completing 3 Native Plant Master curriculum courses and successfully meeting the educational contact requirements to receive the certification. “The Colorado Native Plant Society has excellent resources, data bases, and knowledgeable teachers to provide information on Colorado’s more than 2500 different plant species,” said Linda.


While working toward the Native Plant Master certification, Linda and her husband, Bernie Nagy, released an expanded edition of their best-selling Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide in March of last year increasing the number of wildflowers identified to 270. The guide is one of the top Rocky Mountain guides on Amazon and throughout Colorado. This new guide has rounded corners, color-coded pages and fits perfectly in a pocket or backpack for easy accessibility. Below are some wildflowers that one might find in the Rocky Mountains. Left to right are: White and Lambert's Locoweed, Pasque Flower, Avalanche Lily, and Cutleaf Anemone. The wildflowers are all featured in the guide including habitat, life zone, flowering time, scientific names, and family names.


 Not resting on their achievements, Linda and Bernie continue to seek out, identify and photograph the wildflowers as the seasons progress.  Watch for their photo posts and blogs at High Country Artworks on Facebook and at www. To maintain the Native Plant Master certification, Linda must continue educational contacts and meet requirements every 2 years. Anyone who has questions about Colorado wildflowers or the non-native aliens, may contact Linda or submit photos through Facebook or the High Country Artworks website. Please show your support by “liking” and commenting on the High Country Artworks Facebook page. 

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